About Us

According to britannica.com

Aeolos, in Greek mythology, is the son of Hellen (the eponymous ancestor of the true Greeks, or Hellenes) and father of Sisyphus .”

For Over 20 Years

Since 2001, from Thessaloniki’s head office and with a flexible office network in all major greek cities we are always ready to provide you the most high standard car rental services in Greece.



Est. 2001

Our Story

Thessaloniki is the gate city for world famous tourist resorts of Chalkidiki and Pieria (where the historic mountains Olympus and Pieria are located). I thought that beyond relaxing and sun tanning many tourists would also like to visit the archaeological treasures of Macedonia such as the tombs of King Phillip, Pella town (Hometown of Alexander the Great), Dion, the mountains Olympus seat of the ancient Gods and Pieria seat of the 7 muses and surely the Holy Mountain of Athos and its Monasteries. Tourists who arrived in central Macedonia by car would be able to drive their own vehicles to these destinations while those arriving by airplane, train or ship would need a vehicle to travel to these sites.

So, I decided to start up my own car rental company based in Thessaloniki and took a bank loan in order to buy the 1st twentyfive  small cars and set up my small company’s office on 17 Angelaki Street.

It was a risk coming up in the market as a very small company to compete with giant national and multinational car rental companies. I believe that what counts in undertaking such a risk is perseverance, honesty, respect and loyalty to the customers!

Today after 20 years in the market we have established a well respected name in the market with returning customers from Greece and abroad. Today we have come to own and manage a fleet fully paid vehicles of various types ready to service all your needs
for traveling around in Greece. Our key to success is our passion for what we do.

Yannis Stergiou

Managing director

Our Future

With the 2030 deadline, when sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans will be banned, drawing closer, more and more people are becoming environmentally aware. We at Aeolos we prepare to change the fleet from today!



Core Values